Little Richard by Black Pistol Fire

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Written by Leah Chyma


When you compare a band to The Black Keys, you really have to watch yourself, as it has to be one of this generation’s greatest comparisons. I’ll crossed my heart and hoped to die that while listening to Black Pistol Fire, my mind and soul were absorbed into the world of The Black Keys. Black Pistol Fire features a duo of childhood friends, with an extremely strong tie to classic rock and roll music. Shown seamlessly in their new album Little Richard, the chemistry between the two is apparent, especially in songs like “Long Tall Sally.” Kevin McKeown owns the lead guitar with ease, even when he is spouting the sometimes extremely complex vocals.  Keeping a wicked beat on the drums, is Eric Owen, who ensures absolute precise time changes. The duo has an ability to keep an upbeat energy for an entire album. So much so, Little Richard is screaming to be listened to on a vinyl, blaring the raw talent through surround-sound speakers. Very similar to that of Jack White, Black Pistol Fire is constantly changing tempo and melody while keeping the listener enthralled in their world. The duo also pulls musical influence from their roots in Canada to make them stand out from other hipster rock and roll bands. When listening to some of the album’s extremely catchy songs like, “Lucille” and “Rip it up,” it is almost impossible to stay seated. I think it is obvious that Black Pistol Fire is a needle in the haystack of new age music. They find a way to bring the roots of rock and roll into today’s scene and do it with soul, stamina and a Canadian twist. Catch Black Pistol Fire at their cd release party for their new album Little Richard May 4th at Stubbs BBQ on Red River at 11pm.

Views of wine and other pretty stuff

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If you’re looking for something to do when the music scene in Austin is less than favorable, (though rare) check out some of the countless wineries surrounding our wonderful city. You’ll get all the southern hospitality, mixed in with some of the best views of our breathtaking hill country, and barrels of wine that are better than any French person can stomp with their funky feet, than you can handle! You’ll feel like you’re on a vacation in another country, even though you’ll be in your own back yard.
If you’re into driving, (like I am) you’ll be met with some of the most amazing roads, the Texas hill country has to offer, so make sure you “Get on your bikes and Ride”, as “Queen” would say. Just be aware, there may be times when a flock of wild turkeys decides they want to cross the ol’ back road you’re flying down, so make sure you’re paying attention!
If you’re trying to impress a hot date, bring her on an afternoon trip to Pilot Knob, the Duchmann Family Winery, or Becker Vineyards. You’ll be in for some hot action, if you impress her with your inside knowledge of the ‘elite’ wino’s. Even if you decide to go solo, you’ll end up getting the best deals on bulk wine. A box of 6 can be found for as low as $65.00, at some of the vineyards. You can’t get that at HEB, even with the 10% discount… Unless, of course, you’re drinking Boone’s Farm. Just rest assured, you and your date will have a party, but believe, it will involve porcelain, and a pipe to flush it down.
So let’s review: If you can’t get tickets to the best concert in Austin that your girlfriend/partner/fiancee/wife/booty call, etc. had their heart set on, what are you gonna’ do? Go to a vineyard! They’re super abundant, and they all have, at least, one bottle of wine you’ll both love!
If you can’t impress the girl/guy you’ve been pining over for the past year and a half, what are you gonna’ do? Offer to take them to one of the awesome vineyard’s the hill country has to offer!
If you suck at pickup lines, what are you gonna’ do? Tell them you wanna’ get away from it all, and you want to MEET them (not take them to, you creepy ass) at one of the awesome vineyard’s our hill country has to offer.
If you (girls OR guys) just wanna’ get laid, what are you gonna’ do? Take them to a vineyard! If you don’t get lucky, there’s either something wrong with you. or they’re just wanting to take it slow (bummer).
If you just get sick of fighting with all the boats and f^@(!ng bull$h!t our lakes are full of, what are you gonna’ do? TAKE HER/HIM TO A VINEYARD!!! You won’t know just how effing AWESOME they are, unless you go! Why the hell do you think so many people are getting married (sorry) there, if you don’t check them out? These are some of the best places in AMERICA, and YOU, reader, live right next door! All I can say is: I hope to see you there! I know I’ll be there, getting my drink on! Just remember, drink until you’re happy, but keep away from your bike/car, until you’re able to blow less than a .08. You and I both know just how dangerous it is to drive drunk, so don’t do it! Many of the vineyards offer a bed and breakfast, (or at least a bed) so there’s no excuse…
Can’t wait to see (doubles of) you, so cheers to you, readers!

Should They or Should They NOT? The Beatles “The Next Generation”

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The latest ridiculousness rumored about the Fab 4 from Liverpool is that their spawns are interested in starting a new Beatles band…..

“Nothing may be sacred after all: Sir Paul McCartney’s son James is interested in starting a second-generation Beatles bandwith John Lennon’s son Sean, George Harrison’s son Dhani and Ringo Starr’s son Zak.

The band would apparently be called “The Beatles — The Next Generation,” AFP reports.

There’s only one problem: they’re out one drummer. Ringo’s son Zak Starkey (Picture Above) was not a fan of the idea. “I don’t think it’s something Zak wants to do,” McCartney admitted, according to The Telegraph.

All of the aforementioned Beatle progeny have taken after their fathers. McCartney has played guitar on two of his father’s albums, and is playing a show at the Cavern Club in Liverpool, where the Beatles cut their teeth.

Starkey has drummed for the likes of The Who and Oasis, Harrison is the frontman of thenewno2 and Lennon is a successful singer-songwriter in New York.

As for the chances of the band actually coming to fruition? McCartney says it’s up to “the will of God” and “nature’s support.”

What do you think of the idea? Let us know in the comments and/or tweet us @SlackerMagazine with the hashtag #beatles2 to be added to our slideshow.

Quentin Tarantino in Concert Tonight 8pm & After Party!

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World Theatrical Premiere just in time for the South by Southwest Music Festival! Bridging the worlds of film and music, Hollywood’s critically acclaimed live concert experience “For the Record” is a unique fusion of music, theatre and film that brings motion pictures to life in a concert setting. “Tarantino in Concert” is high-octane ride of songs and scenes from the films of the great Quentin Tarantino: Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, Jackie Brown, Death Proof and Inglourious Basterds. The star-studded ensemble cast from stage, record and screen is led by Death Proof star Tracie Thoms (Cold Case, Rent, Devil Wears Prada). Direct from LA, this critically acclaimed live concert experience has all the hit songs from QT films — “Son of a Preacher Man,” “Magic Carpet Ride,” “Bang Bang,” “Hooked On A Feeling” — and many more.

Contains mature content.

Tarantino’s peeps have exclusively provided us with a code for our Slacker Fambly and fans.

Go to: (http://tinyurl.com/84egwrd) and use code Pulp

YouTube vids – www.youtube.com/fortherecordlive


It’s all about the Cheese

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By Manda Mosley


Love it or leave it, you can’t ignore that Valentine’s day brings in literally billions of dollars in revenue each year and boosts our depressed economy all in the name of love…and hate. That breaks down to every person in the U.S. spending over $100 each on the heart and cupid figurine-filled day. Flowers, chocolate, fancy dinners, anti-V-day parties, getaways, bar tabs, engagement rings, pints of ice cream, therapy sessions—whatever your poison, spending cheddar on V-day is practically inevitable, it just depends on your preference. And since the world is ending soon anyway, ask yourself, self, ‘Why not sieze the Vday and make it fun?’


Don’t get me wrong, I want to barf and yell profanities when I see a couple on a horse drawn carriage ride blocking the lane I’m trying to drive in. I calculate how many points I would get if I took out the couple and driver, and it is a LOT (not the horse of course, that’s animal cruelty). Nevertheless, think about how much they spent on that ride! Add dinner with flowers and the lingerie she is wearing for later in the hotel he rented and it all adds up to be enough that they could feed an entire starving African village. Is this the ‘right’ stuff to spend on? Hell no. But, maybe we should be inspired to patiently put our blinkers on and move our asses to the other lane (I still think throwing the bird is mandatory), because whether you take it seriously or not, that money not only stimulates her but our economy especially. In these tough times of failed economies and occupy missions alike, we should be glad someone is wastefully spending to employ our fellow Americans. Really, we should be.


We have to respect that it goes both ways too. On the other end of the spectrum, some are so in hate with St. Valentine’s Day that they throw big ‘F-U-Vday’ anti-cupid parties complete with decorations, food, spirits, karaoke, cab rides home, live music and so much more. Some people take the day so seriously that if they are sans significant other it is a devastating life event that causes depression, weight gain, loss of sleep, over-eating, jealously, even murder! Misery aside, our economy is grateful for the people that are spending period.


Love or hate motivated, the stimulus boost the day gives an otherwise poor month is worth it for all our slacker friends who still drive cabs and work as bell and bus boys; therefore, it’s worth it for us to just shut up with all the lovey dovey or poor me crap, spend dolla’ bills and have a party! I’m spending carelessly and partying every chance I get before the Mayans are right (or wrong) and I highly recommend you do the same. Now, I’m going to hunt for a Valentine‘s Day boyfriend…I’d rather spend on love than hate.

Super Happy Fun Time Event! Support theKabu.com!

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Kabu Event 2-18-12

TheKabu was created to help friends see more live music with friends..in the 512. We invite you to get even deeper into the Austin based live music scene, online. It’s local, loves music, and friends, so why not?! Jam with us at theKabu’s first event Feb. 18 and experience more live music with your friends!

The $7 cover goes straight back to the local musicians and production crew. Three great local bands, Gobi, Don Chani and Mr. Rodgers will be putting on a great live show. Come out and prove your love for Austin, live music and friends at Club deVille with theKabu on February 18th!  

Single Awareness Day (S.A.D)

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By: Jenna Williams

February 14th, a day that will live in infamy, well at least for all of those non-committal folks. Me, Personally, I will be Gregariously Laughing At Douche bags (G.L.A.D) on this day because it pretty much involves 3 of my favorite things: Girlfriends, Champagne and getting drizzy, drizzy drunk. You of course have the obvious option of ordering take out, watching the latest episode of “Sh*t Girls Say” and feeling sorry for yourself. Or I suggest you face the fact that, okay, you’re single on this Hallmark Holiday, so what, strap on your scandalous “I wanna get laid” mini and embrace the day with full frontal singleness.

1. Throw a Singles Only cocktail party.Simple.

2. Paint the town red. Bar hop in your most confidence building outfit, put on red lipstick and strut your stuff. You can mark my word; tonight is the night when all of the single men and women will be out on the town and more importantly, on the prowl.

3. Hit up Tittie Bingo at the Highball. It’s inappropriate, fun and you might get a lap dance out of it.

4. If you’re bitter, what better way to get that chip off of your shoulder then a Love Bites sing-a-long at Alamo Drafthouse. And then after-party-it-up at Ego’s Karaoke lounge…don’t forget to tip your K.J!

5. Join Match.com, but here’s the catch: everyone brings over his or her laptops, a bottle of wine and you make a game out of it. Drunk Profile making at it’s finest… let me know how many “winks” you get.

6. Celebrate life. Have a potluck dinner with girls, guys, and couples, everyone that you love. Just because Valentines Day says it’s a couple thing, I say that it’s a Love fest, A Whole lotta love in one room, right?

7. Do what you do on any other Tuesday Boozeday, go to Happy Hour, load up on dollar Tecate’s at Lavaca Street, meander over to Red River and dance your face off at Barabarella’s TueZGayZ, etc.etc.

8. Completely ignore the Stupid Cupid day all together and just acknowledge the day as another righteous day in Austin. Do you really want to give into this multi million dollar-making holiday anyways?

9. Have a casual night in, game night ya’ll. Naked twister, Apples-to-Apples and someone should “Accidentally” spike the punch, it could lead to true love.

10. Lather.Rinse.Repeat

In all of the hustle and bustle of trying to impress your latest fling, last minute reservation making, scanning the HEB card aisle for the only 3 cards that are left on the shelf and picking up a cliché Russell Stover’s heart shaped candy box, come to realize what this day really all about. It’s about celebrating life, and having a reason to do so, just look at it as another excuse to get together with your closest, act ridiculous and possibly meet the one of your dreams on Match.com…maybe? So if you’re single, enjoy, if you’re in a relationship, enjoy and if you’re recently heartbroken, realize that you are the bomb.com and they are missing out on your bombness!

Interview: Avicii

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Swedish DJ, remixer, and producer, Avicii performed this past Monday at the Austin Music Hall as part of a  one million dollar House For Hunger January 2012 Tour.  The tour which boasts 26 high-performance shows packed into 27 days, began on January 25th, just on the heels of a Best Dance Recording Grammy nomination for the co-produced David Guetta track “Sunshine.” Austinites were able to hear for the first time live Avicii’s newly released single “Levels” which has been declared the “Tune of 2011″ by David Guetta in DJ Mag.
Avicii and his manager and executive producer Arash “Ash” Pournouri have also announced a commitment to donate $1 million dollars in gig fees personally received from this tour to Feeding America, the nation’s largest hunger-relief organization comprised of more than 200 member food banks across the country.   The donation will help provide approximately 8 million meals to those in need through Feeding America.  Additionally, during the House For Hunger Tour, Avicii, Ash and local promoters hope to raise awareness about the reality of hunger issues faced today by many working Americans and engage the next generation of leaders to join in the fight against hunger.
We had the chance to interview Avicii for his first ever interview with SLACKER MAG.
SLACKER: Is this your first time visiting Austin, Texas? If so what are some of things you hope to see or do while you’re here? If not, what are some of your favorite things to do or places to see when you have been to Austin in the past? 
AVICII: This is my second time in Austin..Don’t know really as Im so busy not having any time off.
SLACKER: Initially, when you were working to create your single “Levels” did you ever think it would be such a big hit?
AVICII: Not at all. Took a while for it to reach that level. People had to get accustomed to the hook. Still amazed at the reaction I get from it.
SLACKER: You recently were named 6th best DJ in the world by DJ mag. How seriously do you look at this ranking and what does this honor mean to you and your music?
AVICII: It’s a great honor. Don’t know how much it actually helps.
SLACKER: Another Swedish act on the top 10 list in the DJ rankings is the super group Swedish House Mafia (Steve Angello, Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso). How much of an influence have they played in your career and are you guys good friends?
AVICII: They’re a huge inspiration. They were the ones that got me into this music and have been great supporters. They are all great guys.
SLACKER: You travel to a lot of cities, sometimes in a short period of time.  Do you ever forget what city or country you’re in?
AVICII: All the time..Especially while we’re doing this bus tour.
SLACKER: Have you noticed any difference in the way fans react to your music depending on what part of the world you are in? If so, what are some of the differences?
AVICII:  Hard to mention differences as each city / country is unique in its own individual way.
SLACKER: When you’re traveling, aside from your equipment, what are somethings you absolutely can’t live without?
AVICII: Snus and my computer.
SLACKER: If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be and why?
AVICII: Adele, her voice is amazing.
SLACKER: What’s one city or festival you have not played in yet that you want to in the future or plan to this coming year ?
AVICII:  New Orleans
Interview By Patrick Chapa & Katie Warner

David Cross at the Ritz tonight!

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THE INCREASINGLY POOR DECISIONS OF TODD MARGARET: Series One, with star/creator David Cross live!!!

TOO BAD ITS SOLD OUT TONIGHT AT ALAMO RITZ as comedy megastar David Cross (Arrested Development, Mr. Show) presents a marathon of the entire first series of THE INCREASINGLY POOR DECISIONS OF TODD MARGARET, the hit IFC TV show created, written by, and starring David Cross.

THE INCREASINGLY POOR DECISIONS OF TODD MARGARET follows the awkward misadventures of an American office temp named Todd Margaret (Cross), who bluffs his way into a senior sales position heading up the London office for the new energy drink Thunder Muscle. Todd’s out-of-control farce reaches epic proportions when his character‘s gaffes and misfortunes wreak havoc on the city of London. His antics are often fueled by Dave, played by Blake Harrison (The Inbetweeners), his mysteriously devious assistant.  Complicating matters is Todd‘s misplaced attempts to win the affection of Alice, played by Sharon Horgan (Pulling), his uninterested UK love interest. The series also features guest stars Will Arnett (Arrested Development, Running Wilde) as Todd‘s hard-ass, foul-mouthed boss, Spike Jonze and Amber Tamblyn.

Look for THE INCREASINGLY POOR DECISIONS OF TODD MARGARET: Series One on DVD from MPI Home Video and for the Series Two premiere of TODD MARGARET starting January 6th on IFC!

Marcus Swagger’s Predicktions for 2012

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The final year of the Mayan calendar. Fuck yeah. 2011 was a hyper charged year that

saw revolutions spread, regimes toppled, and heads lopped off quicker than a New York

butcher late for a bris. Well, I have bad news for the Mayan Chicken Little: The world

can’t end if we set it on fire first. Let’s burn it to the ground before the Mayans get to.

Fuck Yeah.

Top 10 headlines from future impending implosion of all human society preempting the

final end game on 12-21-2012.

10. Thousands Dead As Occupy Oakland Protestors Get High Enough To Declare the

War of Annexation of San Francisco of 2012.

9. Bleary Eyed Occupy Spokesperson Publicly Apologizes the Next Day Over Breakfast

for Being Wasted and for All That “War Declaration Business”; Seeks To Put All Behind

Us and Asks America To Pass The Cream Cheese for His Bagel Bites.

8. Beheading and Re-Revolution In Libya Following Release Of Pictures Of Interim

President Wearing Gaddafi’s Bitching Shower Robe / Satin Hat Combo.

7. World Wide Infidel Jihad Declared On-Hold for Two Weeks To Celebrate Arab Spring

Break 2012. America Reportedly Not Invited To The Party.

6. President Obama Announces Major Changes In Post Nuclear Re-

Population Contingency Plan Alpha To Replace All Frozen Donor Sperm With Justin

Bieber Seed.

5. Unsealed Fallout Vault Discovered In Nevada Desert Reportedly Filled With Tagged

and Numbered Justin Bieber Clones.

4. Palestinians Join Ranks Of Molemen After Entire State Implodes Into Underground

Tunnels Following Secret Jew Nuclear, Jewclear Detonations Under The Sands.

3. North Korean State Disbanded After Revolution Sparked By The Canceling Of the

Nation’s Most Popular TV Game Show, “Who Wants To Eat?”

2. Riots in Rio De Janeiro After Brazilian President Bans All Brazilian Waxes , Declaring

Rapid Bush Reduction To Be “Wasteful and Unnecessary Expenditure in Hard Economic


1. Washington DC Destroyed Following Canadian Invasion. Canadian Prime Minister

Reportedly Forced President Obama To Press The Red Self Destruct Briefcase Button

While Cruelly Asking “Why Do You Keep Hitting Yourself?”

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